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Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

By Ken Ashley

DALLAS (June 6, 2011)

In the early spring of 1965, a young and growing musical force named James Brown agreed to a new record contract with a higher royalty rate than the previous agreement. This followed a major legal battle with his publisher King Records which was struggling to keep up

Bag Man

with their emerging star. The first song Brown cut under the new arrangement was “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag.”

In the song, he is singing about how he has come up with something new – presumably that contract that helped his bank account in a big way.

According to the site Songfacts, “Brown recorded this song in one take – the released version was merely supposed to be a run-through, but sounded so good it was kept anyway. Brown, who still hadn’t memorized the song’s lyrics, read from a sheet in front of him; at the beginning of the original take, he can be heard saying ‘There’s a lot of words here, man.’ He also can be heard exclaiming ‘This is a hit!’ just before the band kicks in.”

The Techy Stuff

At The Commercial Tenant Resource, we can’t sing, and everyone knows we certainly can’t dance, but we have a new bag to share today. Some very smart and progressive folks in marketing at Cushman & Wakefield have established a site called The Techy Stuff which is a billed as an “emerging technology tool kit for commercial real estate.”

The site, which is open to the public, also has an idea marketplace where folks can discuss the technology they are using. While CRE technology leaders like Coy DavidsonTony Wilbert and  Duke Long have been publishing on this topic, this is one of the first significant attempts by a major service provider to enable this type of communication on a large scale.

One of the nice things about The Techy Stuff is that it is changing and will be updated by folks who use technology every day to make their living. It also is a good sounding board and “idea marketplace.” The site discusses tablets, other emerging mobile tools and hot issues such as QR codes. It does a nice job of explaining not only what they do, but how they are used in business.

There is a lot of confusion around new tools coming onto the scene. This issue will only accelerate as companies like Apple release their new and improved cloud initiative, to mention just one example. We are thankful for all the cool new stuff, but want to make sure we are using our time and money wisely, which is why efforts like The Techy Stuff make alot of sense.

The Holy Grail

It’s sometimes tempting to dismiss the new tools as “just for the sales guys,” but everyone is selling to someone. Observing how folks present information in new and easy to understand ways can be supportive as you plan for your next presentation to, say, the board of directors.

But the real Holy Grail is increased productivity. Remember that time not so long ago when you were completely disconnected on airplane rides (yes, we debate if that is good or bad as well)? And what about e-readers, and all those apps you can no longer live without to help you get more stuff done. We are constantly on the search for tools that will help us do more with less time or money (and aggravation).

The times, they are a changin’, and we’ll do our best to help you stay on top of interesting developments in this area. Perhaps you could help us get our groove on with a dance class. On second thought, that’s a lost cause – we’ll stick to real estate.