The Old Gray Cube, She Ain’t What She Used to Be

By Ken Ashley

ATLANTA (June 14, 2010)

We’ve run across what appears to be a really innovative idea in the commercial real estate world in the form of a new company called Loosecubes. Their website, which says it is in beta, describes them as  an “Open Market for Workspace.” We think of it as an interesting  combination of Facebook and Craigslist in the real estate arena. Essentially, one can use the site to rent a cube and “cowork” for a month or longer. Companies that have extra cubes in a low security environment can avail themselves of the opportunity to sublease on levels never practical before.

Lease me for a month? We have great coffee too.

Many times in the past we’ve had entrepreneurs or even established businesses that want to open a location in a new city but only needing space for a desk or two. Until now, your only options were to lease space in an executive suite (expensive) or try to get a short-term sublease (expensive with a large hassle factor).

If this idea takes off, it could really help use vacant space on a micro-level and who knows, maybe you could make some new friends in the process too. Comment to this post and let us know if you think the idea has legs.

In any case, we applaud the company (we have never met or spoken with them so this is an unsolicited plug) for being different and taking a chance in an area that has been a real challenge for many years in commercial real estate.

Below is a little information describing the concept from the Loosecubes website:

What is Loosecubes?
Loosecubes is a community of independent people building a global network of shared workspaces. We bring together people who have great space and people who want to work in it. We don’t set the terms, you do. Loosecubes does not own or rent any workspace. We started Loosecubes because we needed a place to work that made us feel more inspired, not less. Where you spend your working hours has a huge impact on your life. Working in a beautiful and functional space can make all the difference.

At Loosecubes, we want to change the way people work. Our members need the flexibility to work at home sometimes and in an office sometimes. We want the freedom to travel anywhere in the world and not have to worry about finding an internet connection and some intelligent people. We don’t think that Loosecubes hosts will participate just to make some extra money. We think they will participate because our members are people they want to get to know. They’ll participate because they believe, like we do, that the only way to be truly independent work-wise is to have great workspace available when you need it – without paying an arm and a leg.

Find a big space and invite your friends and colleagues to work together. Spend a month coworking or a few weeks in another country.

This is a revolution. We hope you’ll join us.

That reminds me of coworking.

Yes! We love the coworking movement. It is so exciting. Coworking, for the uninitiated, is when independent professionals choose to come together to work in a shared space. Coworking is meant to foster collaboration and community, some of the things that are lost when working from home. Coworking locations have popped up all over the world over the last several years. These spaces offer a range of amenities and community building opportunities. We hope Loosecubes can help grow the coworking movement by making finding and booking a coworking space easier.

How do I list a space?

All you need to do is join Loosecubes and populate your free listing. If you have several desk types – an open desk, a closed-door office for three, and a conference room – for example, you will post three different listings. Your address and contact details will not be disclosed to a prospective renter until you agree to terms. You will be contacted via email using our secure anti-spam system. Only Loosecubes members will be able to contact you. At that point, you choose who to follow up with and invite to your office. A simple “we’re booked” email back can let members know your space isn’t available

2 responses to “The Old Gray Cube, She Ain’t What She Used to Be

  1. Ken, thanks so much for your post! This is our first external blog posting…very exciting! We’re just getting started and welcome feedback and suggestions from your readers.
    ps. Also, we’re based in NYC, but I’m a native Atlantan. Feels good to have the first high five come from the home team 🙂

  2. Y’all are welcome..really cool idea.

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