The press has found a new punching bag – commercial real estate (CRE).  CRE is constantly fluctuating and it is sometimes challenging to know where things are today and where they are headed tomorrow.  The cycles of CRE impact who has the leverage – the landlord or the tenant? CRE is also a very expensive part of many companies overall budget and so as a tenant focused blog, we realize that millions can be made or lost based on having the latest information and therefore leverage. 

The time has come for a blog that filters the mass influx of publications about commercial real estate, and presents a unique, simplified perspective on the market.  The goal of this blog is to highlight important issues and tactics around the industry, keep you informed on the latest news and most importantly arm you with leverage and ideas to discuss internally amongst your company.  Our team is based in Atlanta, but we help companies with real estate transactions all over the United States.  We believe that creating a great transaction is assumed; there are many who do that. Our mission is to look beyond the deal and ask the hard questions that lead to not only cost savings but productivity and profitability for the enterprise.

With that said, we would like to welcome you to our new blog, serving as THE Commercial Tenant Resource.

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